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Mark is the best-selling author of The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling, Wooing Customers Back and Salesonomics.

Top-tier media such as The Wall Street Journal, Sales & Marketing Management, CBS MoneyWatch, Drake Business Review, and FOX Business have featured Mark’s insights.

Popular Sales Tools

Salespeople Need Useful Follow-up Tools To Make Necessary Changes And Increase Sales.

FSR Fit:

Know which accounts are most likely to pay off and which ones aren’t with this objective tool salespeople can use for any opportunity.

ABCD Account Management:

Manage a wide range of sales opportunities accurately; maintain pipeline efficiency and account scheduling for improved results.

Sales Call Game Plan:

Use this one-page sales call planning tool for a highly organized yet simple approach for better sales call outcomes.

Strategic Account Sales Planner:

Determine the best sales strategy and tactical steps to land a key account or a large enterprise customer.

The Value Proposition Creator:

The Value Proposition Creator: Follow this methodical process to create a compelling value prop that can be differentiated for any customer segment, or opportunity.

Speaking Services

Whether you are developing your salesforce, seeking to improve your value message to customer decision-makers, or desiring an engaging, highly effective keynote for your customer service group or organization, Mark can help.

Popular Topics Custom Presentations

  • “Personality Plus! How to Sell Anything to Anyone”
  • “How to Handle Killzone Objections”
  • “Virtual Selling? Don’t Be Boring! Be Effective!”
  • “How to Sell Higher Price to Any Customer and Make It Stick”
  • “Breakthrough Questions That Change the Conversation and Win New Sales”
  • “The Power of Attitude In Selling”
  • …or pick from one of Mark’s Books and create your own topic

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“Mark’s presentation to our Super Sales School was very motivational and informative for our dealers’ sales representatives. I would recommend Mark to any organization wanting to energize their sales team and increase sales.”


Mark, your presentation to a standing room only crowd… was a huge hit! You energized the room and gave attendees sales tools and knowledge that they were able to take back to their businesses and use immediately… thanks for your informative and very entertaining presentation.


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