The 49 Commodity Crushing Differentiators of Value

Commodity Crushing Differentiators of Value

You want to make more sales.

You want to communicate your value in a compelling way.

You want to differentiate the advantages of your product or services to close sales.

But, you fear justifying your value effectively to decision makers. You’re not 100% confident in handling strong price pressures.

I know this is the case, for two reasons. No. 1, studies show that the inability to sell value is the main reason salespeople fail to hit sales quota.

No. 2, studies also reveal that justifying value to top decision makers is one of the two biggest fears of B2B salespeople.

Wish I could video joint client-sales calls (for 15 years) because you would see the apprehensive, awkward conversation occurring when B2B salespeople get challenged by customers to make a compelling argument for how their product differs from the competition, and why it matters!

The damage from vagueness and a lack of confidence in selling your value is like the damage weeds can have on a robust garden.

I appreciate the way bestselling author Stephen King describes it:

“If you have one [dandelion] in your lawn, it looks pretty and unique. If you fail to root it out, however, you find five the next day … fifty after that … and then, my brothers and sisters, your lawn is totally, completely, and profligately covered with dandelions. By then you see them for the weeds they really are.”
– Stephen King

Ultimately a sale comes down to how customers interpret your message. You must communicate clearly and confidently if you’re going to be convincing.

Use the following list of 49 Commodity Crushers to create a clear, convincing message of differentiated value to your customer.

Eventually, narrow your differentiators to the main ones.

49 Commodity Crushing Differentiators

  1. Processes
  2. Performance – Dependability
  3. Performance – Reliability
  4. Performance – Durability
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Problem Prevention
  7. People – Experience
  8. People – Craftsmanship
  9. People – Consistency of performance
  10. People – Caring
  11. People – Likeability
  12. People – Trustworthiness
  13. People – Accessibility
  14. People – Ease of doing business
  15. People – Responsiveness
  16. People – Communications
  17. Technology
  18. Financing: terms, creative solutions, capital outlays, discounts
  19. Quality – Assurance & Testing
  20. Quality – Testing
  21. Quality – Reputation
  22. Quality – Material Sourcing
  23. Ingredients/Formulas or Steps to create and deliver products/services
  24. Peace of mind assurance
  25. Field Support
  26. Storage Processes and Controls,
  27. Convenience
  28. Time Savings
  29. Delivery
  30. Cost Reduction immediate
  31. Long-term bottom-line cost
  32. Turnaround
  33. Track Record
  34. Product Offering: Variety – sizes, shapes, types, models
  35. Compliance to specifications
  36. Compliance with government regulations
  37. Compliance with industry standards
  38. Customization or specialization ability
  39. Salesperson – Expertise, valued insights or experience
  40. Salesperson – Relationship or Likeability
  41. Salesperson – Trustworthiness
  42. Salesperson – Responsiveness
  43. Salesperson – Accessibility
  44. HS&E – Health
  45. HS&E – Safety of employees, safety training, certifications
  46. HS&E – Environment/climate
  47. Risk Mitigation
  48. Guaranty
  49. Warranty

As you narrow your list keep in mind:

  • It’s only a value IF it’s a significant, relevant value in the eyes of your customer
  • Differentiators must align with your company’s, product’s or services’ strengths
  • Differentiators should be linked clearly to each customer’s unique value drivers

You can have a powerful value proposition. Deliver it in a confident, compelling way.

Your product or service may be considered a commodity. However, you must influence your customer to recognize you provide the best overall value for their money.

Experiment: Search the term “zoo poo” or “zoo doo” and you’ll be amazed at the different ways zoos differentiate animal waste. Not to be crass, but if you can differentiate “Crap” you can differentiate anything!

Knowing what truly makes your offer better than the competition and communicating it in terms of how your value improves the customer’s condition, equips you to make sales in any situation.

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