How to Leave Better Voicemails

Why do customers delete voicemails without acting on them? What causes salespeople to fail getting in the door with important accounts?

Leaving poorly communicated voicemails is one of the main reasons for not getting in the door and why customers hit ‘delete’ instead.

If your customer would be honest and tell you why your voicemails aren’t being acted on, they might say something like this…

Dear Salesperson:

“I just deleted your voice mail. Seriously, did you think I’d actually call you back?

You couldn’t possible know how many voicemails and emails I get every day. What’s more, I’m so BUSY I don’t have the time or patience to listen all the way through an irrelevant or sales-pitchy message!

If you want a better chance that I’ll call you back,


  1. Sound like a salesperson.
  2. Hem and haw around saying, “uh,” “um,” “and uh…”
  3. Brag on your product or company.
  4. Try to convince me your product is something I should buy.
  5. Use worn-out sales expressions like, “I was just following up,” or “I was hoping to get some time on your calendar to tell you about our…”
  6. Speak your company’s jargon.
  7. Come across as hesitant or uncomfortable.
  8. Speak too fast and make me have to re-listen to your message.
  9. Put me in a box and assume that my needs are the very same as your customers.
  10. Bore me with unnecessary wordiness and never get to the point.
  11. Pronounce my company’s name or my name incorrectly.
  12. Talk so quietly I can hardly hear you.
  13. Assume I got your contact information down the first time.”


Your Customer

Now, there’s no doubt that trying to get a prospect to return a voicemail is very challenging.

For your voicemail to break through, seize their attention and get them to act


  • Address what they care about, not what you want to sell them.
  • Be prepared and well organized.
  • Do you homework and know their company before you call.
  • Speak concisely, confidently and clearly. Repeat your contact info.
  • Give them a compelling reason why they should call you back – how do they benefit?
  • Give them a valuable insight, or ask a thought-provoking question and make the connection to why you are calling.
  • Keep your message under 30 seconds.

Follow the fundamentals and stop leaving information that gets your voicemail deleted if you want better results.

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