7 Keys to Making A Great Presentation Every Time

Have you ever thought about what makes a presentation great not just average? In my experience, there are seven keys to delivering great presentation.

  1. Interview a sampling of people and do your homework (discovery) to thoroughly understand your client’s organization and industry.
  2. From your discovery, identify your audience’s main needs. If people could only leave with one idea, one insight or take only one action, what would it be?
  3. Now, outline your presentation with a laser-focus on nailing the one main point. What would the second and third most important takeaways be? If your information can be expanded to two or three main ideas (no more), consider doing it. This adds depth and increases the likelihood that people will consider your information relevant and helpful.
  4. Focus your entire energy on your audience’s needs and what you want to achieve – for them. It’s not about you, it’s about your audience!
  5. Engage and capture people’s attention quickly, and hold it to the very end. Open your presentation with a thought provoking question, example, statistic or compelling story. Close your presentation by recapping your main point(s), ending with a story that ties everything together, or with a succinct call to action.
  6. As critical as it is to have great content, you must also use good presentation habits and mechanics. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hire a presentation coach, take a presentation course or read up. Then, practice!
  7. Focus on presenting highly relevant information with clear actionable steps people can see themselves taking – and your presentation will be a hit.

When you put all 7 keys to work, you too will hear excellent client feedback.

What Companies and Professional Associations Say About Mark 

“Challenging! Motivating! Valuable! These are just a few of the comments from our Operators Conference… excellent presentations. They left encouraged, uplifted and armed with ideas to incorporate into their business.” Director of Training, CHICK-FIL-A

“Mark your exuberance and motivation provided for an exciting end to our annual Dealer Meeting.” Director of Customer Service, TRACKER MARINE

“You were amazing! Everyone in attendance said it was of the best seminars ever. Your energy was contagious… you have a special gift to not only teach but also to entertain.” BIG CEDAR LODGE

“Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the program. I have never seen such wonderful and positive evaluation forms. You made me look good.” MISSOURI BANKERS ASSOC.

 “Mark you have been the yardstick by which all speakers who followed were measured, I see why – what a wonderful presentation. It was apparent that much thought and preparation had gone into customizing the presentation. This is very much appreciated!”   MISSOURI ASSOC. INSURANCE AGENTS

“Mark, your presentation to a standing room only crowd… was a huge hit! You energized the room and gave attendees sales tools and knowledge that they were able to take back to their businesses and use immediately… thanks for your informative and very entertaining presentation.” Executive Director, CLEANING EQUIPMENT TRADE ASSOC. 

“Great feedback regarding your keynote and session. Thank you again for the excellent address and educational breakout at our Symposium.” Executive Director, WORLD WATERPARK ASSOC.

“So many positive things are being said about your program. It is generating energy in our company to look at new ways of maintaining our customer base and working to exceed our standards for customer service.” BASS PRO

“Great job!!! Some franchisees have requested your contact information, which I’ve shared in case they want to bring you in for their teams. (4 Stars plus rating!)” Human Resources, DUNKIN’ DONUTS, DUNKIN’ BRANDS

“Great presentation on how to make the value sale.” Regional Sales Mgr., YAMAHA MOTOR CO., Canada

“I like to bring lots of energy and enthusiasm, but I primarily focus on delivering valuable insights people can use.”

Mark Holmes, Professional Speaker

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